Mobile Home Registry California

The management has determined that the occupant has the financial ability to pay the rent and charges of the park and will comply with the rules and regulations of the park and this statute. Mobile home Tenant: (Three Day Eviction) (Civil Code Section 798.56 Precludes the commencement of eviction proceedings against a mobile home tenant until the payment of rent or other charges is at least 5-days late and a 3-day notice to pay or quit has been given to the tenant after the 5-day period has elapsed. The code also provides that if a homeowner has been given a 3-day notice to pay or quit on 3 or more occasions within the preceding 12-month period, a subsequent nonpayment would be grounds for eviction and no additional 3-day notice to pay or quit would be required. Consumer Resource & Referral Guide Directory of State Agencies Directory of Federal Agencies Return to DCA Home Page. 1Register for the first time in person by going to one of the Department of Housing and Community Development Offices. You'll mobile home registry california need to show a copy of your driver's license and your title to the vehicle. The customer service representative at the office will give you a registration form to complete. Provide the requested information about your vehicle and ensure all information on the form is accurate.Have already reported any change of your mailing address or the location address of the mobilehome or commercial modular to the department.